Each year, as we get closer to the end of November, sales reps from the three main directories for film and television start making contact – Kays, The Knowledge and Kemps. Last year, I succumbed to their overtures and booked space on their websites and in their directories. I also opted to book their premium service, the online showreel. In total I spent £3064.75 across the three competing directories in the hope that I could drive more potential business to my website, raise my profile and ultimately pick up at least one new client.

Over the course of a year, I logged the following hits through my main category listings:

Kays 12
Kemps 6
The Knowledge 1

The total number of enquiries these led to either through their websites or through their printed directories is zero. By way of contrast, over the same 12 month period I received 66 hits through www.tvforum.co.uk and 41 hits through www2.tv-ark.org.uk.

I did get enquiries this year, some of them really interesting and ongoing but they all found me through plain, old-fashioned Google.

Inevitabley I start to think what I could have spent that £3k on instead; adobe CS5, a new camera, a new workstation, I could even have paid myself a decent amount! I console myself with the knowledge that experience will leave me £3064.75 better off next year.